1. Ivan

    Got a date tomorrow - any advice?

    Hey guys, I'm sure I've mentioned before I think of all of you as a second family, given you've been helping me for over half a decade now, since the start of my martial arts journey. Although this isn't martial arts related, I would like some of your advice since I have an important date...
  2. M

    Tips for one on one BJJ session

    Hey all, Im looking at doing some one on one BJJ sessions to help me improve a bit more separate to doing the classes. Some things I already know I want to work on are improving my hip escapes from the bottom but would you say there is any other key things to focus on during that one on one...
  3. M

    Struggling with sparring/rolling as a female

    I've started to get back into Muay Thai (5x a week), strength training (2x a week) and then BJJ gi and no gi (5x a week), which is manageable for me. But the issues im having is: For Muay Thai: Everyone I spar with is a male and usually over 6ft and just built like an absolute unit, im 5'4 on a...
  4. Ivan

    Inexperienced in hard sparring

    Hey guys, Ive just been taking a summer break from studying and returned home to my parents new house (they moved while I was abroad). I immediately found some kickboxing classes and a gym and trained as hard as I could. I took part in the sparring, and I found myself to have improved great...
  5. R

    Duck Feet

    Hey Guys! I've been a fan of martial arts since I was a kid. I never got a chance to learn as a kid since I grew up in the middle of nowhere. Now I'm in my early thirties and living in a major city. I'm not a natural athlete but over the last few months I've been working on getting into shape...
  6. Ivan

    Help with the Spin Hook/Back Kicks

    My club trains in two variants of the Spin Back Kick. One is spinning whilst keeping the kicking leg straight - I have issues doing this one on both legs as I can't seem to keep it straight for the full rotation and I would like your help to correct this. The other is the Spin Hook Kick - you...
  7. C

    Help Needed, Unidentified Injury to foot

    Hello First I would like to thank you for any guidance in advance! I was sparring on August 2nd 2015. My partner and I were warming up (not sweaty yet). I threw a right low kick at about 70%, my partner backed up quickly so I did not follow through and did some sort of half assed swing and...
  8. Ryeangle

    RDX B1 Free Standing Punch Bag

    Hi all, I'm currently looking to purchase some form of free standing heavy bag to help me continue my muay thai training at home. My gyms been shut since last week and I want to invest in something to help me train properly. I haven't really got the room to hang a heavy bag anywhere so was...
  9. Ryeangle

    Muay Thai Advice For Beginners

    Hi guys, I've recently started training in muay thai, finishing my forth lesson tonight, and have been going twice a week to beginner classes that teach you the basics of the sport. Im not really looking to compete or even spar at the moment but wanted to take up muay thai to improve both my...
  10. Aaron

    Breaking into XMA

    Hey ya'll I've a background in traditional Kenpo Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and Muay Thai as well as having dabbled into a little bit of other Martial Arts and I'm wanting to break into something like what Mike Chat does with his Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) putting a little more emphasis on the "art" side...
  11. J

    Some advice

    Im looking to start bjj but I have pins and plates in my ankle after a pretty bad break when I was 17 Im 22 now but still get pains as you do from surgery was wondering how I would fair in holds ect. And if anyone has been through it and has advice
  12. Ivan

    Clicking on back of knees when stretching/kicking?

    In the past 3-5 months, I have noticed clicking on the back of my knees when I begin my stretching or kicking. When it comes to kicking, this usually only happens if I haven't stretched or warmed up properly, on the leg which I am using as support, NOT the one I am kicking with. As for...
  13. Ivan

    I am worried my inconsistency with styles is hurting my potential

    I have trained across a wide array of different styles, and I am very passionate about martial arts. Recently, I've been trying to maintain a weekly schedule of Krav Maga on Mondays and Wednesdays, Boxing on Tuesdays, Tae Kwon Do on Saturdays and Capoeira on Sundays. However, I haven't been...
  14. S

    Practicing for 6 weeks - seeking sparring advice/help/guidance

    Good morning and happy November 1st! My name is Sarah and I'm new to this forum as well as new to martial arts. I wanted to introduce myself and to put some questions/concerns out there in hopes of receiving advice/help/guidance. I'm a 33 year old female. I've wanted to participate in...
  15. D

    advise me

    Hi when it comes to learning I'm not good at remembering individual fact. I have an easier time learning rhymes. To me 1&3 step sparring is like learning individual facts. While on the other hand forms,routines,katas, sets,taolu are more like a rhyme. So I'm wanting a style that's primary...
  16. Steel Accord

    Toughening knuckles (Please read more than the title)

    Does punching something hard actually toughen the knuckles, assuming one is doing it right? I understand even if true this takes a long time, what in MA doesn't? I just don't want to start a training exercise that isn't going to do what I think it does in the long run.
  17. Ademadis

    New Vegetarian seeking advice.

    Hi guys! :) I've been toying with the idea for a while but as of today I've decided to at least try my hand in vegetarianism. The goal is to not eat meat (red/white/fowl/fish), dairy and honey. I'm still going to eat eggs and I'm keeping it fairly laid back, eg; I'll be eating turkey come...
  18. Ademadis

    The little advice helps!

    Just a little anecdote; Recently my university Dojo has restarted (as term has now also officially started) with a much more structured and determined training regime. So essentially all the bad habits I've picked up over summer are now coming to light. On my first session I ran through...
  19. AVI

    most curious question in my mind, Why Martial Arts?

    Hi all, i just joined this website.Greetings to you all.Glad to be here,would love to share thoughts and experiences.But first of all, I would love to here one thing from all of you- WHEN AND HOW DID YOU GET ADDICTED TO THIS MAGNIFICENT ART? as of me, from 4th or 5th grade i got attracted to it...
  20. NinjaChristian

    Making A Demonstration Video

    So I have talked to a friend of mine who does video editing and such, and we're going to make a demonstration video showing my skills; how good I am currently. I would like to know what people here would like to see in this video. Do you think that I should... *break wood? *self defence...
  21. reeceari

    New at Kung Fu

    Hi, I am a new member here, I am only just beginning to learn Kung Fu. Today is my first day of training and I want to ask for any advice you have for me, I want to focus on animal styles such as the snake and crane. I am training myself at home, I am planning on taking it slow, my main question...
  22. Seahorse23

    The best martial art for someone with great reflexes?

    I'm interested in getting into self-defense and/or a martial art. Judo, wrestling, boxing, karate, systema, aikido, I don't really care what it is, so long as it is great for someone with my traits. They include: 1. Being on the short side in height (5'6") 2. Sort of thickly built...not fat...
  23. Kairu

    Advice and/or guidance.

    Introduction/Information Hello, I am a 19 year old sophomore in college. I have a smaller build in my opinion. I am around 5'7 and anywhere between 130 to 140 pounds. (It varies, my metabolism is extremely high. I lose more weight than I gain.) A couple of months ago I became very interested...