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Discussion in 'Members in Motion' started by Azulx, Sep 27, 2017.

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    I'm seeing a significant improvement over your earlier sparring videos. Your punches are still out of range, but you're starting to find your distance on your kicks. Your kicks are smoother. You're also getting better combinations and getting some use of sweeps.


    As I noted, your punches are still not close enough to hit effectively.

    You also didn't seem to have the form in your punches that you would want in order to actually inflict damage if you were going hard. It looked like you were just throwing them out as a distraction for your kicks.

    I'd take advantage of those leg sweeps to charge in and attack from close range while the opponent is turned away rather than hanging back and letting him rest his angle and balance.

    Try not to just back away and block every time your sparring partner kicks. As JR noted, that makes it difficult to counter. Lateral movement and forward movement are both useful.

    At 2:39 your sparring partner pressed in and you turned your back. Not a good idea.

    You don't need to back away and reset after each attacking combination.

    As others have noted, sparring is most productive when you have a specific goal in mind. If you are trying to be a good sparring partner for a junior student, perhaps lighten up a bit, give them the confidence to bring the attack to you, then for your own benefit you can work on reading their attack so you can counter or evade without backing up.
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