Trash-talked by TKD ...

The group who took my spot at the community center, who agreed to live and let live, trash-talked me and my program last night in front of the parents groups for their program and mine. I was teaching at the time and working with an autistic child having a meltdown and ignored them.

It's not enough they have my classroom, my time slot, exclusivity in the catalog ... he's got to trash-talk the neighbor next door?

I wonder what the local paper would say about a "martial arts program" whose instructors blatantly exhibit such discourtesy.


That's unfortunate and a good indication that they have not received good instruction. Good luck finding another location!
What a loser. If his teaching skills are anything like his courtesy skills, he will not last long.

Best wishes to you!

Decisions, decisions... I'd start by being nice to him, then going to the rec center director (I know, I teach at one too & also did for years at a local college) then not so nice in that order & finally doing what may be considered morally/ethically gray (but feels good) & offering him a chance to put up or shut up... in front of his class.
I did speak with the director at the center and told him I'll be politely talking with the instructors and will keep them in on the loop, etcetera. Classes for the next two weeks are limited because of grad parties at the center. My classes are canceled as are his. I might mosey on over there tonight just in case, tho.

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