Second color rank test

Last week, two white belts and two orange belts (one of them my son) tested for rank promotion and all passed.

Interesting ... I announced they would be testing and set the date just before I found out that all of the students (not my son) would be leaving for out-of-town vacations for two weeks. Thus, having committed the date to testing and having arranged it with all the other black belts, I was forced to bring them back and have only one day of refresher before their test. I don't like doing this - any improvements that are made up to that point are often lost in younger students.

BUT ... all of these kids have been in their ranks for a VERY long time. I'm hoping we can cover some serious ground going into newer ranks.

One interesting challenge will be for my autistic student as he is going into yellow rank and will be learning wrist locks. I feel the need to be quite careful in just how much he learns - I never showed my older son any wrist locks. I felt it was too dangerous.

We'll be focusing on less damaging locks, but I'll have to write his curriculum specifically for him.

I'm very excited to see these kids come up in rank. :)


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