Omaha Steaks... I'm buying stock. Seriously, who ever thought of mail order meat is a god. People should sing songs about him (and I assure you...he must be a him) and build statues of him.

I just had Omaha Steaks hamburgers and WOW. Not to mention the filets and strip steaks that I have already eaten! If you've never had them....they're awesome!!!!


At least from my local butchers...all of which are basically just in grocery stores. But it is a much higher quality meat that I can buy near me. I liked the filets a lot.

But really the concept is just amazing - seriously....sit at your computer, order meat, answer door, eat meat. You really never have to leave the house to get really first rate steaks!
I've been wondering about that - if it's worth the cost.

Here's a question - have you frozen any of it yet and then cooked it? It's just me here (well, the dog, too - but he gets scraps, not steaks!) and the other thing that concerned me was buying from them, having it be wonderful fresh, and then freezing the rest and having it taste like grocery store meat after that.

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