I'm thinking of retiring from all my dirty deals

See you in the next life, wake me up for meals

Folks, I’m back training, slowly, easing into it. Have not forgotten about Wing Chun, just don’t have time to get to the class right now, it is just a bit too far of a drive at the moment. Going to the gym twice a week and working in my home gym once or twice a week. I am currently in a taijiquan push hands and application class. Also am meeting up, occasionally with some of the push hands folks I was working with pre-pandemic. And last Monday, I was in my garage doing the Yang Long Form, and for the first time in years, did it twice, one right after the other…..and I felt great, better than I have in a while.

Next month, one of my Xingyiquan teachers is going to have another Xingyiquan class. I am currently standing in Santi Shi in hopes that the hips can take it after losing 26 pounds. If they hold up, I will be in the class, if not, well…keep on training taijquan, going to the gym and training at home.

This however has me thinking about my experience in Xingyi with various teachers. And the overall feeling I get from a Xingyiquan class. Admittedly. this is my experience, and I am not sure if anyone else in a Xingyiquan class felt this way or had this impression.

Basically, the unofficial motto of many of the Xingyiquan teachers I have trained with seems to have been “Shut up and train”

Had one teacher, when talking about Santi Shi, say to the class. “If you have joint pain, tell me. I will adjust your form.” If you have muscle pain, shut up and stand, I don’t want to hear it”

This has got me thinking more and more, at my age and my infirmities (arthritis) that I am a whole lot better off, if I have the time, while I have the time, just shutting up and training. Meaning, less involvement in web forums. If I have time to sit there, read posts and type, I have time to train something. And by the time June rolls around again, if the joints still work, I will return to Wing Chun and spend the summer training it. But for now, it is Yang Taijiquan, a dash of Sun Taijiquan and some Xingyiquan…hopefully, or at least as much as these old joints can take…or at least that’s the plan.

And I am going to get more training at the pistol range, shotgun range and rifle range too. I will be setting that up tomorrow. Have all 3, have not shot any of them in about 30 years, time to retrain before I do much shooting.

I have left MT before, for various reasons, taken the occasional hiatus, only to return so who know, I may be jumping the gun with this post. Especially since my training is highly dependent on joints that are arthritic and getting older, I guess I will just have to wait and see as things progress.

Which brings me to, I don’t contribute all that much to MT these days anyway, and I am posting less and beginning to train more, but as things go on, I may be posting even less, or not at all. Been posting on MT since 2006, seen a lot of good posters come and go, made a few friends along the way. But maybe it is time for me to fade away from MT too.

I would like to ad, I know I am no spring chicken, and I know, from experience, that the training routines I did 10, 20, 30 years ago, are not what I should be doing now. I tried, and they are right, old guys get joint pain if they train too much and to heavy. So the gym workout is a work in progress

As far as I can tell, much like my Yang Shifu’s class, where I was the last of his old war horses left standing. On MT I may also be the last of the “original Four Heroic Cynical Curmudgeons”. I know this means little too many on MT these days, heck, it didn’t mean much then beyond a bit of humor, but that was the label we were given. As of about a month ago there were 2 of us left, I think he too has left MT, at least for now.

I’m still around, I’m still posting, albeit less, and I may eventually be not posting at all. Been here a heck of a lot longer than I would have suspected when I started. If I am not around and anyone wants to contact me, just PM here at MT, my email will alert me that I have a PM. But like I said, I’m not gone yet, this is just something I’ve been thinking about an feeling since I found out the possibility of a Xingyiquan class and I felt I wanted to post it in the blog

Enough from me



I totally 100% understand. As saddened as I am to see you potentially go, I get it :)

So excited for you that after your epic journey through so much, that your training is getting back to being a firm foundation in your life. Take good care brother, and still hope to hear from ya :)
It has been years since I was on here with any regularity, a lurker in the darkness. Left for many years because life took me different directions, and yet I find myself back at the same job that led me to MT in the first place. Interesting journey to be sure. It is good to see you and several old school people here, even if you're path isn't set in stone. Thanks.

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