The Xingyi Addict Rides Again

Not sure how many are still here that remember my Xingyi Addict posts, but here I go again...but in the Blog

I stopped training Xingyiquan due to knee issues (2 meniscus repairs and one far) and arthritis in other joints. Followed by convincing myself I'm not to old. Well, with the working from home stuff we now do post COVID, and the kids all in college and Mrs Xue working 12 or more hours a day I have found I could literally sit in my recliner all day long and do absolutely while waiting for emails from my office.

Well, after over 30 years of traditional Yang style taijiquan and another round of trying to convince myself that I am can't stop Yang style after 30 years..... I switched to Sun style taijiquan, and I enjoy it.... but I still couldn't stop thinking about Xingyiquan (my favorite CMA), but then I'm to old so best forget it......

Nope, couldn't do it so I am back training Xingyiquan and I will continue until one of my arthritic or after market joints tells me to stop. However this time is is Shanxi style. Almost all of my past Xingyi was in Hebei style, with some Wudang and a little Shang as well.

Enough writing, I think the best place to start is here...

This is Hai Yang, a Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Taijiquan Shifu in Montreal. I wish I had trained with him, but I have not. But I find his videos always informative and helpful


Get it brother!

And my instructor actually recommended this guy's videos to me! We're Goju ryu but he also practices and teaches CMA and said there'd be stuff of interest. Watched one on lower Dan Tien and other stuff, really informative!
Something I want to add about Xingyiquan in general, that many seem to miss, or not know based on their martial arts training.

Xingyiquan is not really a method of self-defense as much as it is a method of attack. In xingyiquan you attack and even the moves, postures forms that could be defensive are still attacking.

There is an old Chinese saying that says "Xingyi never backs up". In reality it does go backwards, but even then it is attacking.

Had a xingyiquan shifu once who said Xingyiquan is the only Chinese martial art he knew that felt preemptive attacks were justified. Now I am not sure that is true, but it is a good way to think about the aggressiveness of Xingyiquan

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