Folks, I’m getting grumpy and impatient and having a hard time not posting what I’m thinking after reading some posts. I am getting easily annoyed by silliness, ego and arrogance and the continual parade of folks showing up telling others how much better their chosen MA is to anything anyone else is doing. Heck, I’m even having a hard time typing this and not going on a tirade and naming names….. I will likely be back, could be back next week, next month, next year, been here done this before. Anyone wants to contact me, PM me and I will give you a way.

Time for a hiatus

The end of the month I hope to look into American Jiujitsu and Irish Stick fighting…. so it's time to take a page out of my saying I associate with XIngyiquan….”Shut up and train”

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One last thing

after a bit of a realization last week

Internal matters (not qi) but body unity, use of force and/or fajin and, rooting alignment and how all that applies to the real world and of course applications and martial usage of Taijiquan (don't get me wrong, still think Xingyi is awesome, but that is personal preference)

So with that said. I am back training my Yang style. Have not done the long form in many months, but I am once again training it, but I am focusing in the internal. I will be working to get my Jian and Dao forms back. And with any luck I will be able to get 1 of the 2 fast forms back.I am also still doing the short Sun form I learned, with my modifications...but that is as far as I think I will go with Sun

So I am going to study the internal side of things with a couple folks
Might take an opportunity to train Shanxi style Xingyiquan that has presented itself (I have trained Hebei and Shang styles, never Shanxi)

And with my last child is heading off to college soon, after that I have a whole lot of time I need to fill with something to do, other than sit in my recliner and be depressed. Considering an American Jiujitsu class, and Irish Stick fighting class and I may return to teaching Taijiquan.... And I am still looking to get another push hands group started, but so far no luck..... and lastly, when I friend of mine returns from Japan next year and reopens his dojo, I may just give Aikido a try...heck, if my old joints and fake knee can survive American Jiujitsu, Aikido should be survivable too

Well, of to my basement guan to do some traditional Yang style

So now it is literally time to shut up and my basement guan


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