Yahoo: Liddell out to quiet both Ortiz and White

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Sep 11, 2006
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01-26-2010 12:45 AM:

Chuck Liddell is back! Well sort of, the process for Liddell's comeback to the Octagon has begun. Taping for season 11 of "The Ultimate Fighter" started a few days ago and today was Spike's TUF 11 media day. Coach Chuck and his longtime nemesis, Tito Ortiz, were on hand. For Liddell it feels like home, nine months after being told by UFC president Dana White he was retired following a loss at UFC 97 to Mauricio Rua.

"I don&rsquo;t think I have anything to prove, really, but I&rsquo;d like to prove [Dana] wrong and show him I&rsquo;m not done. I&rsquo;m not too old and I can still fight," Liddell told the Las Vegas Sun.

Liddell said Ortiz will provide plenty of motivation over the next six weeks.

"I did one interview with [Ortiz] today and I&rsquo;m already getting pumped about punching him in the mouth. I knocked him out twice already, but I have no problem getting up to fight him."

Even after losing four-of-five fights (Quinton Jackson, Keith Jardine, Rashad Evans, Rua), Liddell hasn't lost any confidence.

"But the funny thing is, after I lost [the Jackson and Jardine] fights I beat Wanderlei and everyone was saying, &lsquo;Oh, you&rsquo;re back.&rsquo; Then, if that punch from Rashad is one inch off and he doesn&rsquo;t knock me out, I probably would have won that fight and got a title shot."

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