Dana White: Rampage will return to UFC, Hendo no shot

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Sep 11, 2006
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12-16-2009 06:05 PM:A kinder, gentler Dana White emerged during the summer. He patched up longtime wars with Tito Ortiz and the t-shirt company Affliction, he even allowed internet enemy, Sherdog back into his events and tried to sign Fedor Emelianenko. No more wars, right? Not exactly. Strikeforce is emerging as a legitimate competitor by scooping up free agent fighters. When Strikeforce/Showtime stole Dan Henderson, White's competitive, nasty juices got flowing again"

"Dan and I talked. Dan and I talked the other day," White told the media before UFC 107. "We know where we stand. We talked on the phone, I told him exactly how it is."

That's sound ominous. White and Henderson said all along their relationship would be fine even if he left the UFC. Doesn't sound like it:

"We were cool. He knows where we stand. I'm not standing in front of the media talking [expletive] about him", said White (0:57 mark).

When asked if Henderson would be invited back, White said, "Dan probably won't be back in the UFC. It's over with me and Dan Henderson. He'll retire over there."

White said he took money off the table to push Henderson out of the promotion:

"To them maybe, not to me," White said when asked if Henderson was an asset.

White also spoke about his fractured relationship with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Late last week, White said he wasn't mad at Rampage anymore and they made up after a recent text war and heated phone conversation. That was on Thursday. Today, it didn't sound likw Jackson thinks the war is over:

"If Dana&rsquo;s got a problem with me, about any texts I give my friends or anything else, if he&rsquo;s got a problem with me tell him, I&rsquo;ll do a boxing fight with him, but I&rsquo;d show up," Jackson told MMABay. "I&rsquo;d show up with bells on. I&rsquo;d show up dressed looking just like a boxer. He could even wear a head gear for all I care. That&rsquo;s real, let Dana know what I said.Tell Dana if he&rsquo;s still got a problem with me, we can settle the problem like men and he can make as much money out of it as he wants. He can promote it, he can put it on TV and he can pay himself a big purse."

How about we save the trash talk for Rashad Evans and just return to the Octagon? Jackson said a lot more movie roles are on the way. We'll find out in a few months if that's true. Jackson should probably speak to Cung Le about the movie business. The Strikeforce fighter looked to be permanently moving away from MMA in favor of a career in film and then things dried up. He fights this weekend on Showtime at Strikeforce: Evolution.

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