Wushu divsions to be added to the AKA Grand Nationals



Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Talbott and I am helping in the promotion of the 40th Annual AKA Grand Nationals tournament. This is the longest running martial art tournament in America and this year we are pleased to announce that new wushu specific divsions for black belts. We have added Men's, Women's and Jr's Long, Short and Flexible Weapons division as well as Men's Women's and Jr' Contemporary forms divsions. We are striving to make these divsions very successful so that we may promote more wushu divisions in the future.

For those of you who are interested in more traditional gung fu divisions, we are offering a Traditional weapons divsion for black belts and open weapons for underbelts as well as traditional soft style forms divisions for both black belts and underbelts. For the fighters, we are having a special team fighting event with a winner take all prize of $4,000.00 for a four person team. If you are interested in more information concerning these divisions or the tournament please visit our site at http://www.akakarate.com/grandnationals or please feel free to contact me at martialscience@hotmail.com. I thank you for your time in reading this.

With respect,

Jeremy M. Talbott