World Kenpo seminer!


pineapple head

Where in the world would it be a great place to do a Kenpo seminar for every kenpo person to meet?
Obviolsley most would pick the USA ...but what about a 'Place in the middle'....middle of what! most people will say ..i don't know you tell me..
sorry about my spelling i never checked it!!!!
Oh dear, some of us just can't afford to go to hawaii. Besides that my wife would try to gouge my eyes out (i think) if I went to hawaii without her.
Just a thought.
Jason Farnsworth
I think Corpus Christi, Texas would be the best place to have a WORLD KENPO SEMINAR. Every kenpoist from beginner to Senior could come and share in the kenpo commraderie. In fact, I think it should be a mandatory seminar every year. Every First, second, and third Generation kenpo practitioner should have to come to Corpus....but then again, I only live 25 minutes away, so I may be a bit partial.

All jokeing aside. Corpus Christi is a great place for large conventions. It has the Gulf of Mexico, great fishing, an ever growing night life in the downtown area, local museums, the USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier that has been renovated and turned ito a historical museum, The Texas State Aquarium, a decent marina, lots of shopping, eats, and is close to MY house. LOL.

Gary Catherman, Kenpoist.
Well, I guess compared to Sinton. I Spent 23yrs in courpus and I still haven't seen night life. All teh convetions are in Vegas for a reason.


Las Vegas Nevada, not New Mexico, with it's worldly hotels and the casinos and they seem to have a few kenpo seminars every year anyways.