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I was just thinking, and I asked myself, how do you actually win a spar? In my opinion the only way to win a spar is to

A: Tap out
B: Give in
C: Fight until one CANNOT fight back

Realise tho, that I am no talking about competition spars! I know that most of those you get a set time and points are the only thing that count or whatever. But Im talking bout when you do competitive sparring?

For example, me and my TKD freind decided that we both did Martial Arts and that we both were pretty much top of the class in our own respective classes, so it would make sense to be sparring partners. Anyway to cut a long story short, he was fighting on TKD terms and I was just trying to make him tap in the most painful way possible. In the end I made him tap out BUT he said it wasnt fair because we hadnt decided what a win actually was! In the end me and my sparring friends all decided that it was to be tap out of nothing.

But what about you guys, what do you classify as a win when your sparring?
Certain people fart silently to maim their opponents. I'm not naming names but you know who you are!
Maybe I'm the only one that thinks this way, but...

If you are really spanking me on the mat, I will make use of any method by which to win.

If this is "real world," then biting you in the crotch is a perfectly acceptable tactic. It isn't a prospect I am particularly fond of, but it is not beyond me to ensure my survival...

Law enforcement personnel use riot control agents and other "less lethal" tools to ensure the submission of nasty folks. I could see this particular type of "biological warfare" as a legitimate way to keep a dojo-mate from winning without resorting to other more painful dirty tricks...


Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this way, but if I'm training with my traingin partner who the hell cares how many you "won" or "lost" ?? The point of training is to increase your skill right ?

Generally determining who wins is of less importance than deciding when the round of sparring ends in my MA.
Normally when we spar at HKD we keep on hitting each other until the other person either bows themselves out or taps out of a lock/choke/pressure point. Once this is done, we get back to our starting positions and go again.
Realise of course that this sparring is not focused on points per se but rather on using technique and finding out what you need more work on.

But I was kidding...

I figure just about the nastiest thing, aside from being licked, that could occur while grappling with someone would be for an a$$ ripping roar to issue out from between their legs while you are working your way into a leg lock...

Ick. :erg:

However, I know I would let go if that happened!

Anyway, Im young and competitive so of course winning matters :p It's 6-1 to me at the moment :rofl:
The dreaded @ss technique is truely one of the more feared techniques.
Well, you know, it isn't bad enough that you are on the ground with another man between your legs (anyone else see Kiss of the Spider Woman and get uncomfortable with the scene where all there is is a black screen and the sound of both male actors talking themselves through one mounting the other??? ICK! :erg: ), but then with an @$$ ripping roar followed by a toxic cloud oozing its way out of someone's pant legs...

I would tap out in a heartbeat...
Welp, I never liked the idea of a striker sparring with a grappler where one uses his strikes and the other does throws/grappling because.....

When I hit you I'm going to pull my punch/kick, when you grapple/throw me you can safely use full strength to pull it off. See what I mean? You won't respect my strike unless it knocks you out whereas I can respect your grappling at full force and not get too hurt. If I have to knock you out to show you who won then we aren't really sparring anymore are we?

I have been in this situation before and I always warn the guy I'm going to hit him for real if he really wants to do this. Why should he get to use full power and not me? Hardly seems like a fair match of sparring.

Damian Mavis
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Seems I've found your weak spot...

Although we've never found ourselves in the suggested position, if it happens I'll know what to do...:D :fart:

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I will have to keep both eyes wide open from now on... [/B]

And your nose plugged and mouth closed ;)