Who has best MMA takedowns?



who do you guys think. I think it is a tough choice just interested in what everyone else thinks.
Hmmm I am tied between Hughes, Arona, Coleman, Shultz
Matt Hughes in my opinion, if he is entering the octagon you know there is gonna be atleast one AWESOME takedown in the next few minutes!
I say Quinton Jackson, Matt Hughes, Kevin Randleman (think...Critical countdown), all have great takedowns, but Randy Couture, Karo Parisyan, Genki Sudo (underrated), Daiju Takase, Josh Koscheck, and Kazushi Sakuraba can't be forgotten. those are the people that seem to rely on takedowns though. people like FRank Mir and Babolou have good takedowns but also don't mind if they get taken down.

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