Where to find sambo/sombo shoes?



Hi all -

Having broken a toe 6 weeks ago, someone advised me to wear sambo shoes to cut down the risk of further injury. Anyone know where I can pick up a pair?


Almost any Mall will have a set.

Were do U study Sambo?????
Hi Ace -

Actually, I don't study sambo; I study bjj and judo in Philadelphia. But I was told that sambo shoes are legal in bjj tournements, and in regular practice would leave me less vulnerable to ankle locks than wrestling shoes.

I've met BJJ guys & Sambo Guy's
That do wear the Wrestling Shoes.

I check with your instructor
But they are good for Grappling.

Good luck with the training.
Thanks Beam. They are the first supplier I have seen.
I found and ordered a pair of grappling shoes that I like:

http://www.rmax.tv (Click products->equipment)

Things are working out with them.

Thanks to all who weighed in.


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