what is the best way........



hello there i was wondering what is your guys best take downs in grapling or any other techinques that you have been taught
My fav takedown is currently Ko-Soto-Gari (Minor outer reap).

Done from a punch to the upper body/face, you guide the punch past you, grab the opponent by the hair or eyes and pull him backwards while sweeping out his near leg..... Simple but effective.
It really depends on his attack. You don't get to choose as often as you want.

From punches I like the figure 4 and the good old judo throw because you have immediate control and can close. A charger is different going for your legs drive down and i try to take the back if I can. gis and jean jackets let you do that collar choke off a higher take down by pulling over your arm and that ends things pretty quick.
There are others but everybody has there favorites.

Since you said Grappling, I would say leg attacks, single double work everytime. If you are talking about the best way to get someone on the ground hit them with a stick. lol