when youre in a class with family/children...


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Jan 19, 2009
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ironically, the parents of the two problem children are also students!
twice a week my class consists of a family (husband, wife, son, 2 daughters and a cousin) and me. which sometimes makes me feel like i'm interfering on their private class. the parents dont seem to have a grasp on the problem kids. and i guess i should clarify that when i say they "goof off" i mean things like: not paying attention to what form we're working on, not bowing in and out of the dojang, laying on the floor, laying their belt on the ground etc.
Arent these basic things that a kid above the age of 9 should know and follow in a MA class?

I think you really need to talk to your instructor. If you bought a bunch of bad meat at the store, you would take it back and demand that they refund you, wouldn't you? This is along the same lines. You are paying for something you are not getting, and that is instruction. If he does nothing about it, leave. If he does, then now maybe you'll get your moneys' worth.

Like I said before, it sounds like these kids do the same thing at home, and more power to them if the parents let it happen. They can't affect you there, but when it comes time to train, the whole class has to be on the same page, or guess what, you're the one who suffers.

If your teacher does not want to rock the boat with this family because of the money they pay, then IMO, that's the wrong place to be trainning anyway.