whats the difference between...



can someone tell me the difference between japanese ju jitsu and brazilian?
Japanese starts with a "J" and Brazillian starts with a "B"

Sorry...I couldn't resist. :D
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu comes from Judo. Judo comes from Japanese Ju Jutsu. Japanese Ju Jutsu does ground work but I would say they don't show how to counter techniques while on the ground as well as BJJ. Japanese Jujutsu was based on the samurai. They didn't do alot of ground grappling. It was take out your attacker as soon as possible. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is based more on most people can't fight while on the ground. there goal back when it first came out was get the attacker down to the ground where you can finish him off. I feel both arts have made changes since the early 90's. I teach more or less Japanese Ju Jutsu but we take more of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu approach. Know how to counter everything.
Bob :asian: