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Feb 27, 2002
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"Oh what tangled webs they weave when once they practice to deceive"

(The end to the lies of Tom Connor - Tra-Co. Those who claim their heritage through Tom Connor and Tra-Co (TRACY-CONNOR ... I am ashamed that my name - even with a hyphen - is associated with Tom Connor) should know the truth)

Click here for the truth - If you are one of Tom Connor's students or your linage comes from Tra-Co, you may not want to read this!!!

The United States is now at war - many brave Americans are in Iraq. Many will be wounded - taken prisoner - and many young men and women will die. And for thousands their lives will be scarred forever.

For this reason I want the truth to be known about the all the lies and fraudulent claims that Tom Connor, Tra-co, and their associates have handed out as fact.

For years we have put up with all the lies about Tom Connor and all his Martial Arts "expertise." But I and all other war veterans and fellow Americans will NOT put up with is his LIES about service in the military.

Can someone tell me how troops dying in the war with Iraq and knowing the truth abouth TRA-CO have in common?!?!

What were they thinking...Geesh!


I may be wrong, but I believe this statement came from Al Tracy. In light of that last line, I took it to mean that Al, as a war veteran, is offended by Connor's alleged lies about military service. Apparently, Mr. Tracy is willing to over-look any deception about Mr. Connor's martial arts experience, but believes lying about military service is doing a dis-service to the thousands of men and women currently serving for "real," durring war-time. Anyway, that's how I took it. There is a link on that website to email Al Tracy, perhaps you should do so and ask him to make himself clear. I think it's fair to at least request more proof from Tracy's accusation. I'm a supporter of Tracy, but that statement did seem a little over-the top and emotional to me, but I'm not a war-vet, so perhaps if I was I'd understand his anger better. I geuss if I had put myself in harms way to defend the country, I would be pretty pissed-off at someone claiming falsely to be a war-time vet. Anyway, this is just my thoughts on the matter.....


As stated from an old News Flash that he's put out before, Master AL likes to get on his "Soapbox", and make comments on certain things. He's my boss, so I just listen, and keep doing Tracy Kenpo!:asian: