What is your goal when doing kyorugi?


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Apr 30, 2007
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Well... my main goal when doing kyorugi is a littel complicated but quite simple... to hit and not get hit, quite simple.

I must say my second goal is to do kyorugi as it was a valid way to defend myself, I mean to do powerfull kicks and punches trying to nail down my oponent, not just scoring points for the WT handbook. Bassically I like to read my oponent and anticipate him trying to kick him hard, so I am not bouncing around like a rabitt, but doing feints and that kind of stuff that makes my oponent to open a gap where I can do my thing.

I dislike to use hogu, it slows me down a little, I dislike to use a helmet, however using a helmet with a feca mask integrate would be fine because once I was caogth my a spining hook kick in the noose and beleve I need surgery. The only pads I will use will be the shin/instep pads and maybe a pair of ligth gloves and thats all.


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