Well its been awhile since something like that happened

Xue Sheng

Xue Sheng

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Jan 8, 2006
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OK enough already...please

Let me put it this way; "IF" I find myself in a similar situation again (and I most certainly hope I never do) I will likely do whatever my training makes me do. I will not second guess or stop and think (there is not time to stop and think, but in the past, been there done that and that has caused problems) I will do exactly what my training and background tell me to do and that is all and I hope "IF" that occurs (and again I don't want it to) that the outcome is as equally non-violent.

Look, I posted this because I wanted to basically get it out of my system as well as show that there are ways, sometimes, to use your MA training in a fashion that does not include whacking someone upside the head or breaking their bones, tearing muscle or destroying joints. I am probably more surprised than anyone that my reaction was what it was to stop, relax, stay surprisingly calm and look back. And to a point of another post, I believe Andy's, I was rather aware of more than just his eyes. I was to close to see his hands or his feet but I sure as hell could see his shoulders which is all I had to go on as to arm and body movement and I was to close to really worry much about his legs and feet.

Bill you don't know me and I don't know you but think about this a guy about an inch taller than you and in pretty good shape walks up to you that you previously had virtually no interaction with and you have no place to go gets his nose about an inch from yours and says "if a white man doesn't listen hows he gonna learn" and you decide to look down or away or get apologetic after you just witnessed his tirade on another person who he did threaten what do you think the outcome would have been. To be honest I have no idea but I responded automatically and that is what I will do again should I be in a similar situation and again I DONT WANT TO BE in that again.

You do whatever it is you want but again I will do exactly what my automatic response was based on my training.

Now as much as I do truly appreciate the responses to my post and the support for my actions and even the discussion about alternate possibilities I would truly like to let this die. If you want to continue to debate this feel free I have no more issue with it but I might suggest you make it another post all together and get a real debate going about it under a different topic that may draw in more people. It is worth discussion but I am done with this and really dont want to debate what I did, defend what I did or apologize for what I did, it is done. I will always rely on my training, possibly now more than I did before actually, and not second guess what the body and mind tell me to do.


Brad Dunne

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Feb 6, 2005
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Lots of folks have commended you for your action and a few have offered what they would have done instead. I'm not doing either.............In my estimation, your damn lucky. Your nose to nose with this clown, staring into each others eyes and you haven't got a clue as to what his hands are/could be getting ready to do. You let a serious threat get into your personal space and for some reason your content with that. As I said, your very lucky!........