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  • funny thing, Shaolin keNpo is the creation of Ralph Castro, but is often confised with Shaolin keMpo, which is villari's stuff
    OKenpo942: Ok I did some further research. Bill Grossman -> Rick Alemany -> Ralph Castro -> Ed Parker.
    From what Google tells me, Ralph Castro founded Shaolin Kenpo. So I guess more accurately what I am learning is probably Shaolin Kenpo.
    I've only been studying the Kenpo since this past February but it's my favorite style so far, it's just so intricate and I love how every form we learn even the beginning ones we get to learn the attacks and how it applies and breaks down right away, all the other styles I've studied only briefly explained what you were doing in the forms but you didn't really break down the practical application until upper belt / black belt. I love that even our low ranking belts can tell you move by move exactly how their forms break down.
    Your welcome for the friends request and thank you for accepting! I'm not really a internet martial arts sites kinda guy.I only found this place and KenpoTalk by accident when members started discussing my videos.Quite a few liked what they saw,and a few had some barbed comments about what I do.Their comments were relayed to me,I responded...and apparently started a significant stir on both boards (especially,lol).That absolutely wasn't my intention.I've been onsite for nearly 2 months now...
    OKenpo942: Yeah, Master Professor Bill Grossman, who I study under, was trained directly by Grand Master Rick Alemany... which is American Kenpo :)

    ATACX GYM: Glad to hear you hold ranks in multiple styles and do Iaido as well! :)

    I am surprised I hadn't found these forums years and years ago... looking forward to really sharing more on here :)
    I hold dans in tkd and tsd as wel las a few other arts,and I study iaido as well.It's good to have you onsite! Best of luck in your martial journey.
    Hey, I saw your reply in Meet & Greet. You answered my question about whether it was EPAK, but I was also going to suggest that you check out Kenpotalk as well. There is a link in the forum section on Martialtalk. I like to look at both of them. It just gives me more Kenpo topics to read. Gets me thinking about my own training and gives me more ideas and thoughts to ponder. Take care.

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