Way of the Warrior - Taiji Quan, Xing Yi Quan, Bagua Zhang


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Feb 27, 2013
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Vectis, U.K
Thanks for posting, I'd never seen this programme before (came out a couple years before I was born... Lol), but I'm now halfway through the series.

One thing that puzzles me is how they practiced in Gi and belts? I know Taiwan was occupied by Japanese but that was forty years before this programme was filmed. Considering the post war nationalist KMT moved to Taiwan after Mao's victory if have thought gi's would be the last thing they'd have dressed in? Also,the narrator just generalised when referring to what was taught before the internal arts as "kung fu"; anyone know what they were practicing? I'm thinking was some Longfist based on the similarity to a Chang Quan form I was once taught at a class I attended for a while last year. Any ideas?