Walker, Texas Ranger

I wanted to see it, but missed it. They'll probably re-run it soon.
arnisador said:
Did anyone see the "Trial by Fire" special he did recently? I didn't catch it.
It was ok - just like a longer episode of the show except that a major character was shot at the end (leaving it open for a sequel, of course).
Maybe a bit off topic, but last night I saw Chuck in I one of his movies, and I forget the name cause I was tired and headed to bed... and guess what I saw!! A little Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu, performed by him! I was impressed... It even looked real... I know its Hollywood, but it did look pretty authentic!!

arnisador said:
All his nontrivial fighting scenes. Yes, someone else did his kicks for him.

In the last season, there are several fight scenes where you can clearly see Chuck Norris doing his own fighting and kicking. However, there are several more where it's most likely a stuntman. Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace looked good in that episode though. They're still doing their own kicks ;)

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