USAT decussion good or bad


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Apr 9, 2004
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Grand Prairie Texas
I am starting this thread for the sole purpose for people venting over the USAT. I know some here will jump to there defense and that is fine, but let me clear the air here a bit.

First off I have been with USTU and USAT as a member and school since I started this school so I have issue like alot of others do. I believe in fair play and equal oppotunities for all players does that put everyone on the same level no but it does allow for them to have that chance if they want it. When I complain about things it is for personal reason that alot of you are not aware of, some of you know everything so you are in that limelight. What upset me is the fact that in asociety as large as TKD is you have to play a game to be noticed or liked, to me that is not right. As a school teacher I do not have a choice who I teach, I am on contract to teach everybody the same and try to make them the best they can be, the same goes for my TKD school people pay me to train there childern and themself for the same reason for me to make them the best they can be. Now is the problem with the new way of doing things or so it appears, they have taken everything away from the athletes that are coming up and releying on two coaches to be bias and do the right thing. On the outside it look like a bunch of crap on the inside I am sure the USAT is believing this is going to be so much better and it maybe. I will always back the USAT for those special students that want that Olympic dream and hopefully they will get that chance one day. I will also be vocal about things that just does not make sense to me, you see I have a school to protect and well to be honest I am still recovery from the whole USTU mess. I would love to see everything as great as they say it will be but you see I am not sure that day will ever come, but as all of you know the USAT does not make a living off the few elites they have but it is all those color belts and those BB that have a dream every year and without them the USAT money capitol would drop like the stock exchange did. Sometimes it looks like they do not even care about those athletes that pay all there bills and those school owners that pay there bills. I for one would like to see them include those that are not top athlete tell them thanks for being loyal supportors and without them the USAT would not have the oppotunities they have. I also know that will never happen, it would be nice when you call somebody could actually answer a question without saying can I get back to you ina few weeks or sometimes months.

In closing I may not always agree with the USAT or any other org. out there but I support them and since I do whether or not I referee or not, I too should have a right to voice my opinion about the going ons. You see this is about TKD in general and whether you or anybody likes it company are solely look upon by the individual that make up the majority and that is not the elites but all the little people that come and support them financially, which includes alot of folks here on the board that is pretty upset with them but will still help them cover there expenses and make them money for there National teams.

I hope we can all agree that it is the little people that make up the majority and USAT needs them to be productive, two coaches cannot carry the wieght of the Olympic movement on there shoulders.