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(i) The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever. It should not be embroidered on such articles as cushions or handkerchiefs and the like, printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkins or boxes or anything that is designed for temporary use and discard. Advertising signs should not be fastened to a staff or halyard from which the flag is flown.

That probably the most anoying thing about post 9/11. american companies trying to cash in on the surge of patriotism. virtualy all companies do it to..

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I think that the flag code needs to be updated. There's a whole new generation out there that doesn't know proper flag etiquitte. But also due to the sudden surge of patriotism, I see flags everywhere they shouldn't be. But these people are doing what's in their hearts to show their patriotism.


sometimes.. it's one ting to put a flag in your car window.. it's another to sell it for anything over cost. I don't think the flag should ever be used to sell things..


I agree about the dignity that should be accorded to the flag, and that it should not be used to sell merchandise. However, you are going to run into a problem with a lot of Americans who don't know anything about *any* part of the flag code. Hey, the 4th of July is coming up, and you can *always* find napkins, placemats, etc., you name it, with the flag on it for that holiday. Most people tend to think that if you aren't prominently displaying the flag (i.e., through merchandise), then you aren't being patriotic enough.

I would agree that it is probably a good time to get out the word to the general public about the flag, and how to give it some deeper meaning. Let's bring the flag back to what it once was to the whole public: Old Glory, who *is*, in my opinion, a living entity.

I am no veteran, but many in my family are. I am proud of them and of all that serve our country, and all that have served our country in the past. Demeaning the flag or otherwise not according it the honor it deserves is to lessen their memory.

*Proudly* display the flag? Yes. *Improperly* display the flag? Uhhhh....NO.



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By "reverse image," I assume you mean flipped, so that the blue field is in the upper right corner, rather than upside down (a distress signal) or reverse colors, replacing green, black and yellow for red white and blue. Is this correct?

FYI - I've been told that the proper disposal of a flag if the enemy is taking over the fort and you're pulling out is for the last guy to take down the flag, cut the stars from the stripes, bury the stripes and burn the stars. The guy who does this gets a gun with two bullets in it. He's supposed to use the first bullet on the first enemy who comes over the wall, and he can use the second bullet at his discretion. I guess you have to have the hole and the fire ready in advance for this to work. Sorry, I don't know what army manual this came from.
The way it was told to me, that the flag pole had a secret message in the top of the pole and that you were to climb the pole, capture the flag, read the message, destroy it, get the gun and shoot yourself in the head to not reveal the message contents! Sincerely, In Humility, Chiduce!

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The way it was told to me, that the flag pole had a secret message in the top of the pole and that you were to climb the pole, capture the flag, read the message, destroy it, get the gun and shoot yourself in the head to not reveal the message contents!

Not true.

The ball at the top of the flagpole is called a "Truck". Inside the truck is a .45 caliber bullet and a bullet for an M-16 rifle. In the event the Truck falls and hits the ground it is designated to break into 13 pieces, representing the original colonies.
At the base is a box buried in concrete. This box contains one saber, a pistol and book of matches. In the event the enemy invades,the survivor is to defend the flag with the saber and pistol and burn the flag with the matches so that the enemy cannot capture it.


How many Americans wear the US Flag patch on their Gi?

As a disabled Vietnam Vet, I proudly wear the flag on my uniform. I wear it on the left shoulder. I fly it from my vehicle. I haven't just done this since 9/11, I've done this since 1969, when I got back from my sunny 'vacation' in Vietnam. Too many of my friends in 'Nam died for the principle's embodied in that piece of fabric for me to not display it. When I got back from Vietnam and went to college, 1971, we had a group that hung the flag over the railing on their dorm room, upside down and UNDER the swastika!! The college didn't have a chance to do anything to them, as there were about 40 'Nam vets that saw this desecration and took care of it. No muss, no fuss. But the college doctor's office had some business shortly afterward! I proudly display the flag of my country, and to hell with anyone who doesn't like it-I earned the right!


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Lance, My instuctor is Viet Nam Vet also. You both think alike. We wear U.S. Flag on the left shoulder and is the only flag in are school. He would also say to hell with any other flag flown in are school. I also see you are into Kempo JuJutsu also. There are very few of us on here. Wanted to tell you welcome back to the U.S. I kinda get upset to see that Viet Nam Vets don't get alot of the same respect as men and women that sever in the other Wars.
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