twindragon on TSN



Anyone else watch twindragon kickboxing on the sports network?

Their home is in Toronto but they put on some great stuff.

I even see Rick Joslin refereeing the bouts lately.

Some great bouts. A few lemons but overall, nice to see some more coverage.

Also TSN has started to cover mixed martial arts events as well. I've been seeing them more often.
The twins are suing? WTF? They need to get a life... As far as I know, they aren't martial artists. Skilled perhaps, but not martial artists.
Are you saying that kickboxing isn't a martial art or are you saying the McNamara twins are not martial artists?

Would you clarify for me? Thanx.
those are two tough dudes and they are definitely martial artists in every way.hell they have been training since the early 70's or earlier.