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It appears that IMAF-Delaney executive director Michael Bates has had a falling out with JD and has jumped ship. Bates web site now sends you to the IMAF site which has MB name removed from list of officers. Not getting his share of the pie I would guess. Or maybe he finally realized JD is NOT the Professor. He is now jumping on the Max Pallen bandwagon. Could be the beginning of the end for IMAF-Delaney.:toilclaw: :sadsong: :sadsong: :sadsong:
Originally posted by bloodwood

Or maybe he finally realized JD is NOT the Professor.

But I thought Mr. Bates was a Professor?

Well, I don't want to take pleasure in any group failing, but it would be nice to have fewer groups overall.
Just heard Michael Bates will now follow Max Pallen.
Burn your bridges and go with the flavor of the month. How quickly some try and replace the REAL Professor. Maybe it's a credibility thing.
Any wagers on who JD's new executive director will be?

Rearranging furniture on the titanic?
i thought max pallen teaches doce pares? yes, i remember seeing one of his son doing doce pares at a tournament in stockton. is he modern arnis too?
To the best of my knowledge Max Pallen is not Modern Arnis but a combined form of Filipino styles
Very interesting turn of events. I cannot claim to read minds but I've noticed that, in past Modern Arnis camps, JD and Bates always hung out together. I got the impression that they were good friends/buddies. Who knows what happened between the two of them ? To be honest, I'm quite surprised about this turn of events. Perhaps there are things that I was not aware of.

Bloodwood: what forms the basis for your belief that Mr. Bates has jumped on the Max Pallen bandwagon ? Where did you get that information ?

Just noticed that on the "Seminars" portion of the JD website that the Philadelphia seminar scheduled for the fall has been deleted, which lends further credence of a split between JD and Mr. Bates.

The other thing is that the loss of Mr. Bates further dilutes the quality of instructors of that group (what little there was in the first place).
Dishonorable Delaney...

...And So It Begins.

Will his webmistress now go back through her 'camp chronics' and yet once again rewrite history?

They erased others from their records in the past. Will they now Erase "Master-Bates" too? I tried Mr. "Master-Bates" website. It did not resolve.

This is very interesting...especially since I believe they recently had several seminars with Max Pallen.

One must wonder if "Master-Bates" approached the Dishonorable one and asked questions about the "Basics" of Modern Arnis.

Perhaps Dishonorables past now begins to catch up, and karma balances.

We Remain, Kodai.
For all we know, it was a clean, professional break. I'm sure more information will turn up soon.

I checked JD's site, there 'appear' to have been some additional alterations, but nothing I currently have the time to dig into. Some of the event write ups appear to have Mr. Bates references removed or rearanged, but that could also be just normal editing. I'd have to check with other sources first.

If that group is currently disintegrating, it would be a shame. Hopefully those tallented individuals within the group will find memberships with the other thriving MA groups.

Again, I don't have anything substantial to go on though. For all we know, there can be a very good reason for things. Personal ones that are none of our business. Ya know?

The Bates-Pallen connection has been going on for some time now. Bates latched on to Pallen at the IMAF-Delaney tribute to the Professor and has expanded the relationship ever since. JD is not getting the draw that Bates is used to getting with Professor Remy so he is seeking a bigger name to associate with. He has already visited Pallen in CA and Pallen would have been part of his upcoming camps.

Renegade had said earlier that it was a double edged sword for JD and Bates to bring in outside instructors to their camps. The good was to bump up attendance and the bad was JD would be overshadowed. This appears to be happening.
Hmm. Interesting. I did notice that the JD website did have an announcement for an upcoming "Triple Impact FMA Seminar" in November featuring JD, Pallen and somebody else (I forget who). That announcement has now been deleted from that website. So it's possible that JD not only cut ties to Bates but also to Pallen.
What's up Whoop!

Yeah, the triple threat announcement it appears was removed, but Lisa's one day seminar annoucement at Pallen's is still there.

Open question, if IMAF-Delaney dissolves, or as people like Mr. Bates part ways from JD, will the MOTTs welcome them back?

<<<Open question, if IMAF-Delaney dissolves, or as people like Mr. Bates part ways from JD, will the MOTTs welcome them back? >>>>

Good question. I don't have an answer for that. While this whole thing with Mr. Bates is interesting, it just might be premature to predict the ending of IMAF-Delaney. I guess that we'll have to wait and see how this whole thing unfolds.

Another thing is that while we all may have disagreements with various groups, I personally do not hope for the failure of any one group. It takes work for anybody to try to get something going, even if it's somebody you may have disagreements with. To hope for the failure of one group is to hope for the failure of all groups. I think that the best that we can do is to do the best we can for our particular group, whether it be Delaney's group, the MOTTs, the WMAA, MARRPIO, or WMAC or any other group.

It should be interesting to see how the Delaney group moves forward after this Bates episode.
Well said.

We are all human, so there will be areas of disagreement, but to hope for the other groups to fail will only hurt us all in the end. Every group brings various strengths to the table, and all have talented individuals. Everyone has seen different things from GM Presas, so only by learning from as many as we can, do we get the full picture. (IMHO)

I will be interesting to see how things turn out.

Even if Bates is asked to join the MOTTS, which I don't think will happen anyway, I don't believe he would do so just for the fact that he would be subordinate to too many people. He'll look for new coat tails such as those of Max Pallen. He may have just burned too many bridges in the Modern Arnis community to be effective. Time will tell. I have also heard that he no longer teaches his Okinawan style that was 50% of his curriculum. Who knows where his head is these days.:idunno:
<<<We are all human, so there will be areas of disagreement, but to hope for the other groups to fail will only hurt us all in the end.>>>

Well said. I completely agree with you on this.
Working together is the only way to advance the art and continue the Professor's dream. Power strugles within an organization can only end up in disaster and hurt their credibility, but worst of all it will effect the students who have put their trust in them. What kind of message does this send down through the ranks?
If I remember correctly on Bates web site he spoke of sitting in his kitchen with the Professor and Jeff Delaney and mapped out the future of Modern Arnis. I bet this wasn't part of the conversation. Maybe it's good that there is more than one group to carry on the tradition.:cheers: :argue: :cheers: :argue: :cheers:
I would hope that by asking my original question that I did not paint myself as a person whose intent was wishing for a group or person to fail or desolve, that is not my style.

My intent, however, was to plant a seed for the necessity to forgive and not to rub people's faces in things when mistakes are made.

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