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Apr 11, 2002
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Missoula, Montana
Okay Kiddies, here's the sit: We here in Hub of Five Valleys have a local kenpo (open) tourney comming up. As most of my associates are TKD'ers (Yes, I'm sorry for them and me too, but that's not the issue at hand) I'd like a general run down of the rules for them. Open tourney style sparring, delf defense and the like. Any help is appreciated. Thanx!
Hi Hollywood,

I'm assuming you are referring to Mr. Crews' tournament in Missoula on June 8th. It's a good tournament if you can make it, I usually get there despite the eight hour drive from Wyoming, mostly because I like Mr. Cruz. Unfortunately I will miss it this year due to firefighter training.

The sparring is pretty straight forward, and conforms to most point sparring rules. The groin is an open target but you only get one point for any strike to it, either hand or foot. Kicks above the belt count as two points (no kicks to the back), all hand weapons count as one point. The matches are two minutes, person with the most points at the end wins. One 10 second timeout is allowed by each fighter per match, but can only be called on a break. Contact is generally light, but harder contact is allowed (and pretty much expected) in the black belt divisions.

There is also continuous sparring which also has 2 minute rounds, but there are no face or groin attacks allowed. Contact tends to get a bit rougher here though the judges try to regulate it. There is a brief break at the 1 minute mark as the judges change position.

Forms are forms. If you are in a black belt division they differentiate Japanese/Okinawan, Korean, and Soft (includes kenpo).

In self-defense you have 3 minutes to demonstrate self-defense techniques against anything you want, multiple attackers, weapon, open hand, whatever. How you present it is up to you. (You should have a good crash dummy if you want to win).

All in all, it is a fun tournament, an interesting mixture of the flashy competition forms and more traditional forms. The tournament is a member of the Excel karate league which has done a good job of regulating its members regarding sportsmanship and whatnot. The tournament does have a heavy kenpo influence, the first time I competed there my self-defense division had 14 entries from about 10 different schools. I've seen members from all of the alphabelt soup of kenpo associats there (IKCA, IKKA, Kenpo 2000, AKKI, WKKA, and lots of independents.)

Hope that helped, have fun. Email me it you have any questions.

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PS. Our school usually puts on a pretty good showing up there, look for members of Pineda's Kenpo, and make sure to watch Jim Dean in the self-defense division (it is entertaining and good self defense. :))
Thank you! Is anyone else out there attending this tourney?
Cheer's Kiddies (I had to work in in here somewhere)
Let us know how you do Hollywood and maybe blindside can give us a run down on how his school did too.