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Jan 21, 2002
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How many of the schools out there have a tournament team? What types of programs have worked well for your schools? I want to hit at least 4 major tournaments this year but I don't always have the money, didn't know if anybody had a good program out there for teams? Or if everyone just bit the bullet and paid themselves.

Most of the times that I've been in a team it was a spur of the moment thing a few weeks before the Internationals in Long Beach. We didn't really have an official tournament team.

While team sparring is still a common place thing at many of the major tournaments, most of the time the team is put together for the tournament. It is very rare for a school to have a permanent team (although it is an interesting prospect).

Billy Lear
Our school has had an ongoing tournament team for the last 5 years or so. While I don't participate in it, I do help out with our fundraisers.

The tournament team is open to whoever wants to make the committment. A minimum of 3 tournaments is expected if you join the team. We do regular fundraisers such as a raffle at our home tournament, host a dance for the local jr. high, and put on the Halloween haunted house for our town. The fund raising has been remarkably successful, and pays for the lodging of the team as they travel (and because we live in the boonies, we always travel). Team members are still responsible for paying for food and entry fees.

The team has been pretty successful, both in terms of tournament results and having a sense of family. The team size is usually around 10 people, though at it probably maxed at around 20. Other members of the school are of course allowed to go to other tournaments, but they don't get the benefit of having their lodging paid for.

For us, tournaments are few and far between, as well as student promotion and turn over which constantly change the personal for each team (except Black).

This is something that is usually put together when the need arises at a particular tournament that we may have enough members to create on.

I have had in the past a "school team" all different divisions..... and make the students compete just to be able to go to the tournament with the "team"

Tournament teams can be great if the school has the funds to support them properly. If you want your students to compete every weekend it gets expense if you start traveling longer distances then there are additional costs of hotels, meals. Lets forget the cost of equipment and special uniforms.

If a school can help offset the costs of a tournament team then I am all for them

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