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:confused: Ok..I've been out of AK for a few years now..just basically practicing on my own, and reading alot of material on the net and in the forums. I would like to get back into it BUT..... Who the heck should a person train or register with as far as Associations go?!?!? One person tells me Huk, then Dennis (Mr.C)maybe Larry (Tatum)..Is there a General feeling as to who has it all together still..If you're forced to make a decision between Larry and Huk who would you pick and why? Or the Ikka/ Wkka/ Ikko...How does one decide now? I started AK in 1984 with the IKKA and I earned a 3rd Black, Now I look at different cirriculums and nothing looks like I remember it......I know this is an argument that could take up pages and probably has in the past....I'm just looking for a few opinions to help me out..I'm not trying to start any fueds or pissing contests :D :Duel: . I would appreciate any help...Hopefully no one will get offended by any posts here... Thanks in advance guys/girls....Have a Great Day! :asian:
Well, I might be able to help if we narrow the search a little. What area do you live in and what particular discourse/department of study in AK are you most interested in exploring right now? :)
I'm In Canada..I know of a few instructors here, but I have no interest due to there half hearted attitudes towards training. I would like to find an organization that has a similar training cirriculum to the old IKKA. I would like to find an instructor that I could travel to and meet at seminars so I can continue to grow in the art. There are a few instructors around here but they are so wrapped up in cross training and modifying the system that I have no desire to train with them. :confused: Well hopefully that helps... Have a Great Day :asian:
Canada is a large country and I don't know what or who is up there. I understand you sentiments about keeping AK, AK. I know of some people who have the curriculum you speak of but I would not steer you toward them. If you are willing to accept the 16 to 20 self defense curriculum then I could safely say call Mr. Conatser and speak with him. He is real easy to speak with and if nothing else he could give you some other leads- I think he knows just about everybody.

With a little sense of direction I might be able to steer you to some places.
Hey Guys.... I'm VERY close to where Gou is from..I am aware of a few Instructors in his area who are of varing degrees, but I am not into cross training like those guy. I prefer an instructor who has strong ties to an association and other instructors, No disrespect, but the guys around here are more interested in training in every damn art that passes through, and not focusing on being an exceptional Kenpo practitioner. Everyone of them has strayed from teaching the entire system, to teaching a chopped up version and then self promoting themselves. Or spend so much time with other arts that there Kenpo is Satisfactory at best. Like I said I don't want to offend anyone, just my personal view on things :D I guess I am looking for an Association that is similar to the old IKKA with standards and traditions. I can always travel to find a decent instructor. Well, Have a Great Day :asian:
This is my recomendation.

Get in your car and start driving until you find what you are looking for because it's not here.


But seriously. Sure it's great to train in Kenpo exclusively. But don't end up like a certain crew that isolated itself from the rest of the martial arts world.

I'd love to discuss this further but cannot on the open forum. E-mail me at [email protected] and we can chat further.
I am aware of the certain group you are talking about, I am far from that..AARGHHHH!!! This is not about being closed minded and approaching brain washed..hehehe:D I just want quality Kenpo from someone who is focused on the art, not focused on how many different arts they can do..or instructors names they can drop. That is what I find is the problem here in our area. If half these guys were around training "back in the day" they would realize the err of their ways. I definetly DO NOT have a problem with cross can be a valuable tool TO ADD to your art. When cross training replaces daily training in your art of choice it is no longer cross training. Sorry if I am ranting...:soapbox:
Please remember I am not tryin to Disrespect or Critisize individuals..I am just stating my opinion and offering why I would not train with the people in MY area. Thanks for the replies so far...Have A Great Day :asian:
Having been looking for this myself for the last little while I can pretty much say there is no school in the area that will give you what you want. I drive to Toronto now to get that for myself until I am able to aquire enough skill to set up a group for the art I am doing now here.

Many of the people who teach kenpo in the area, be it american or otherwise, also have a second art they teach within their school. The ones that are in an association are not there because of the art per say but more for the financial aspects. But that's my opinion.

You will not find schools who trained like they used to "back in the day." Only people who do. Jaybacca is one, which is why I train with him. The chances of finding a school like the one you seek is slim. I am in the midst of investigating one but I know for a fact there is NO strong association ties with it.

Why is there no strong Kenpo schools? Maybe the people now teaching it just were not there back in the day. The second art in the school is ok, but not at the expense of the primary art. But perhaps it is there to add depth because it is lacking. Those that were there back in the day quit due to the people running these schools became egocentric or just went on their own.

Perhaps if you decide to form a regular workout club with friends and like minded people and align yourself with a group that might help.

Jaybacca's older brother is one bad mofo and if I wasn't in fear he'd freaking work me to death or kill me I'd ask him to start some kind of workout class just drilling basics. Seriously, he's old school all right. The kind of instructor that puts the fear of whatever God you ascribe to into the student.
I do know of Both Jaybacca and His brother...Unfortunately, I have heard the his brother is no longer active in the MA and has not been for awhile. Jaybacca on the other hand is active and very knowledgable....BUT..he's a cross training fiend from what I've heard, and really isn't overly active in the kenpo world..I've heard he prefers to train in numerous different things under many different people with no real commitment to any art. Please remember this is just things I've heard..they could be totally false..if so I apologize for bringing it up and would ask for some enlightenment :) I think I will travel to the US for instruction by dedicated AK practitioners and hopefully find an association that is true to The art without all the emphasis on the number of stripes on your belt or the latest fad in Martial Arts. Thanks for your Help Gou..I hope I am not offending here..I respect all..but I am very specific in what I am looking for...Thanks for Any help anyone can give...Have a Great Day :asian:
It's true. Jaybacca's bro is no longer active. But I tell you this. When helping him roof his house I asked him when the last time he threw a side kick was. He said it had been years but he then sent a kick in tai chi speed up and above my head. To which I mumbled, "Yeah, I think you can still do it."

Jaybacca is a cross trainer for sure. I think it started after he got fairly acomplished in Kenpo and then he started cross training to tailor his Kenpo more. While Kenpo is his bread and butter he isn't beholden to any particular style.

No offense taken. I would hope that through your travels that you'll start up a dedicated American Kenpo group of practitioners. I myself would LOVE to see something like that. Hell, I'd join something like that.

If anything, I say start with Huk Planas as he swings into this area with his seminar circut. More so than any other senior I know of.

Good luck.
Originally posted by GouRonin

With a little sense of direction I might be able to steer you to some places.

Be careful, Lord Gou is purported to be KGB now!:eek: Don't let that meek, kindly looking dog fool you!

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