The Sap.

Thanks, that was interesting. I hadn't realized that a sap and blackjack were technically different weapons, nor the variety.
I was wondering just lasy night about those things, and here's this thread!

Not sure if they'd make good self-defense tools for civilians, only because they sound so lethal, and there's no one teaching a structured approach to their use.
I am confused, not by the sequence, but by the fact that is they are undercover then why do they feel the need to post pictures online at all?

Oh Well

I liked the fact that he showed the finger insert. Like a knife I think this would take a lot of practice.
I've seen private security and bodyguards (high priced rock star guys) put down riots at shows with saps. Very effective. You get hit once and drop like a sack of potatoes. Would have felt sorry for them if they hadn't been such trouble making buttholes.
Phil, thanks for posting the link to that was very interesting. Saps and Blackjacks are definately formidible weapons...I used to carry one of the round blackjacks with the spring until they went and made them illegal...oh well.