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Aug 26, 2001
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Just incase someone is interested.

The fight scene competition at “The Indie Gathering” now has 6 production companies signed up to use the competition for casting their next and future film projects! Martial artist will have access to producers and directors (an estimated 200) for the entire week end.

Registrations & reservations are now coming in. Limited rooms at our special rate! http://theindiegathering.com/Location.htm

Bring your school into the world of film making. The accepted % for a personal manager (agent) is 20%. We can show you how to make that 20%. One student did the stunt double for Rob Lowe in the HBO movie “Proximity”. He worked 4 days and was paid $10,000. That’s $2000 for the manager! An eighteen year old female made $6000 also doing stunts in that film. Being a personal manager is a simple contract with your students.

Information on the fight scene competition and special offer to studio
owners: http://theindiegathering.com/stunts.htm

All information at: http://theindiegathering.com

Additional guests:

Jeff Galpin: Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Man / Actor / Armorer - Jeff has worked for - WB / Disney / PBS / 20th century Fox / Universal Records / Paramount / ShowTime / BBC / Fox / DreamWorks / Sony Tri Star and many more... Jeff has worked on projects for - Runaway Jury / The Day After Tomorrow / 2 Fast 2 Furious / Deep Impact / 3rd Watch / The Fugitive / Walker Texas Ranger and many more...

Michael Berryman: Actor The Hills Have Eyes, Deadly Blessing, Star Trek IV, and Weird Science. His TV appearances have included The Highwayman, Tales from the Crypt, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and The X-Files. "The X-Files was his all-time favorite role.

Ray Szuch, CEO - worldEonline.com

Founder - "The Indie Gathering"