The Five L's



Who have heard of the 5 L's

Love of the Art
Logic of the Art
Loyalty to yourself
Loyalty to your school
Loyalty to your instructor

All the way up through the ranks I heard this and it was sked of every new yellow belt class as they were tested, until it became ingrained into their way of thinking. I myslef adopted it and continue to use it to this day.
Those are the five primary ones that are taught to the white belts working on their yellow belt material, I would love to "L"earn more of them.
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L o L


There is also

love smackin people
like kickin people
look at the loser

But seriously everybody would benefit from these, does anybody else have any kenpo related L's.
I have these 5, but it was never mentioned at my school.
Although, I tried my best to find a school where they'd apply
Usually only the Loyal to your school one. I like the 5 though, I think I'll try to get them posted at the school.

I like those 5 also I was brought up through the ranks with the tenets of Tae Kwon-Do and the student oath evry class was begun by reciting these:

Tenets of TKD

Self Control
Indomitable Spirit

Student Oath

I shall observe the tenets of TKD
I Sahll respect my instructors and seniors
I shall never misuse TKD
I shall be a champion of Freedom and Justice
I shall build a more peaceful world
I never saw or heard any of that kind of thing in the Tracy's system. Are oaths etc. common in most of the other systems?
Not so GD! I have been on AIM all weekend long. Just ask DOT! And here I thought it was YOU who musta been out gallivanting around ignoring your poor pathetic ignorant students!!! LMAO :rofl:
GD does that mean we ain't really 'buddies' yet??? LOL could be a good thing!!??!!?? I still don't know whether you actually realise what you are getting yourself into! :D

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