Thank You All For The Flowers



I wanted to post this so all could see what a wonderful, loving, and thoughtful group you all are.

We got the flowers at Ciara's service today. There were over 250 people

ciara had people from ireland, japan, and the ukraine there, not to mention the hearts and souls of so many of you on this board. It has brought me and my husband more comfort than you can imagine.

All of her instructors were there, and at the end of service, they stood and said she had the heart of the warrior.

She was then awarded her first dan black belt. My baby girl is a black belt.

I know she is resting in the other world. where we all will be shortly.

I know I will contiinue to train. I nned a month to heal and rest and I wil charge on in her name, i promise. I am driven to dedicate my own black belt, no matter how far in the future, to her fighting spirit.

Thank you again. it has been a great comfort.

Dear Friend, it will take time now to heal and to learn how to stumble through life as best you can. You have learned much and will learn more. Let God show you how to use it. Pray every day, several times a day. He's the only thing that kept me sane when my son departed. We developed a very special relationship that only those who have been there and done that can know.

Ciara will be waiting for for you and will be there to greet you when your time comes. Until then, know that she is having a marvelous time and I wouldn't be surprised at all if she's met my son, Chris, and he's showing her all of his favorite hiding places.

It is THEY who know reality while we still live in this world of illusion. But we must muddle through as best we can and follow the path our Father has set before us.

I imagine that you will get an invitation to attend a meeting of the Compassionate Friends; a grief-support group comprised only of those who have lost children. You may not be ready to go yet, but when you feel comfortable, I would highly recommend going to a meeting. It really DOES help.
I have lost my parents as well as a sister and of course, my son. The grief of losing parents, spouses, or siblings is a walk in the park by comparison to losing a child.

I will keep you in my prayers. Know that I am thinking of you and that I understand what you're going through. I only wish that I could sit down with you and your husband and hold you and tell you both that you'll get through this. I guess I'll have to let the Lord do that for me.
They say one of the saddest things in life is for a parent to bury a child. But those who have left us, have not expired into eternity. Rather they live on. They live on in our hearts. They live on in a better place, among the angels, bathing in eternal warmth, happiness and grace. They will be waiting for us at the Gate when our time arrives.
Promoted to black belt--that's great. What a nice touch.

Good luck. We are certainly thinking of you.
I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. Please take my apologies for the loss of a child.
My prayers for Ciara, for you, your family.


Lord, Grant Me Your Strength to Change the Things I Can Change,
Your Serenity to Accept the Things I Can't,
And The Wisdom to Know the Difference.