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Since we have 2 topics on martial arts and children let me add a 3rd. How many school owners here don't teach children or anyone under 16? or have stopped having kids classes since having a bad experiences with dojo darlings? It seems that if you want to earn a leaving teaching M.A you have to run a kids class since that's where the money seems to be. Has not having childrens classes affected your buisness? If you have a strict policy that you don't have kids classes has there been a time when you've made an exception?
Simple solution to Dojang Darlings parents, "You don't like the way we teach? Great. The door is over there. Goodbye."
I have two 15 year olds in my adult class, they do very well. At one point I was about exasperated with one, he's adht and on medication. After about three months he turned around and had been a definate asset. I finally caved in and started a children's class back in February. As has been pointed out, that seems to be where the money is. I work a full time job at night ot support myself and family and I teach part-time at a college, as a recruitment tool. With my primary target group of college students, most of my student body is unstable and to be able to afford to pay the rent and electric, I had to have a reliable, steady income. Thus I started the kids program. Personally, it drives me nuts. But I have found that it also works as a great teaching tool for my prospective brown and black belts. I make them come in and teach the kids. If they can make a 7 year old understand and perform the technique they are expanding their own knowledge and understanding. I find it a two edged sword that takes a very firm grip to hold.

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