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Hey, all. I'm looking for people in the Kingston/Napanee/Gananoque area of Southern Ontario who are interested in training in TKD with me, and/or giving/receiving instruction to/from me. I'm a 2nd Degree Black Belt in TKD, with some experience in other styles, and I'm looking to expand my own knowledge and that of other MAs in the area.

On another note, I reiterate my previous statement to people in the area and now extend it beyond. I want to try and look to find ways to combine the best of all techniques from as many styles as possible into a new system. Most styles incorporate external techniques, and I think we ought to try to codify what techniques are and are not useful and practical for Martial Artists... perhaps coming up with an umbrella system available for everybody. I realize this may sound kind of crazy coming from a young 'un like me, but I've been thinking about it a lot, and I'm willing to try to put something like this together if others are willing. Just a thought.

Thanks all, ttfn (tata for now)

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