strength or endurance?

which is more important

  • Strength

  • Endurance

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wat is more inmportant to you, strength or endurance?
I thought strength possibly meant the same thing as endurance. :confused: I think endurance is more valuable. Unless you are locked in a cage with a He-man who wants to kill you and you have only 3 minutes to defeat him or die or something....

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strength or endurance?

I'll go for endurance any day!! It doesn't matter how strong someone is, if they can't outlast their opponent. If you stay away from your strong opponent and have more endurance than he does, you'll wear them down to the point where you can do pretty much whatever you want-and they can't keep up with you. :asian:
I would have to sey that skill would be the most important. But in this case I have to say endurance. From what I have seen strength is more of a liability than an advantage. It often leads to bad mechanics as people try to "muscle" there way threw the art rather than learn the propper way to move and fight.

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my vote is for endurence. Yes the person with strengh will hurt you in the beginning but if you can last a while endurence wins out (most of the time)
Originally posted by tshadowchaser

my vote is for endurence. Yes the person with strengh will hurt you in the beginning but if you can last a while endurence wins out (most of the time)

I agree with you TShadowChaser.

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I agree with tshadow. I believe technique is most important. But strength helps, and endurance comes last, but not least. I have good strength for a chic and pretty good technique, but it doesn't help me during sparring ..... gggrrrrr. I have enough technique and power to fight them off for the first 2 minutes, then I "tucker" out and I get my butt kicked. I need to work on my endurance.
Any boxing match I ever had I won with endurance. I don't have the same amount I had when I was younger but I used to like to just wear my oponnent down then eat them alive.
first off what do you consider strength? do you mean the ability to gennerate force in a blow or just raw strength of a muscle? I think endurance and strength go hand in hand, Also I tihnk it deppends on the situation, if I'm in s self deffence situation I'm not gona stick around for several minuets to wait for my attacker to get worn out.. I'm gona hit fast and hard than run like hell.. I don't want to spend any more than 10 seconds fighting before I'm running. Ring fighting is diffrent, I would go for endurance, in a ring fight you have rules in place that you can strategicly put your back up against, you can use the rules to your advantage for the purpose of deffence and you can wear your opponant out and beat them latter on.
,,,,because no matter how strong you are, you'll lose if you wear yourself out. This comes from experience.
Fighters need conditioning...its core to being a good fighter. If you're well conditioned, you maintain peak strength longer.

That being said, Butterbean ("King of the Four Rounders") is not exceptionally well conditioned, and he does allright :D He does have A LOT of power, tho....

It's a bit of a chicken and without the other results in a less than effective fighter. Being able to go all day is less than helpfull if u cant finish the job, and being a one hit wonder is no good if u get tired just turning up.

If you're point-fighting, conditioning is everything. If its anything else, being able to drop heavy hits is very reassuring.:p

on balance though, i'll have to go with the crowd and say endurance.


I know this is not one of the options you mentoined, but I would say that timing is most important.

You can be weaker and slower , *** long as your timing is correct.

I can't argue with the timing option (or lack of).
i would have to go with endurance also. speed will develop after much practice, but if you dont have the endurance to stay alive, all the strength in the world won't be able to help you.
I apologize for not reading this entire post. If I repeat anything move on....Endurance is an important attribute but reletive to the situation. A stronger person can quickly depleat your advanced cardio easily. ALSO weight training and muscle mass has nothing to do with bad mechanics, poor coordination, and is in no way detrimental. Muscle moves our limbs and is in part (ajor part) responsible for our speed. You can have great mass be fast, flexible and also have great endurance. This is however kind of like asking "what's better a car or a boat"
Like many have said, strength and endurance both have some factors. I voted for endurance, but it was not by much. In my training, my instructor is much stronger than I am, but I have pretty good endurance. However, when holding the pads for him for either punching or kicking, I often find that I feel that my should joint is coming apart or my wrists are are about to break at the point where he is kicking the thai pad. In any case, I feel that any shot taken by him for real would be quite devestating. However, in grappling, sometimes I can almost hold my own if I can last near the beginning due to more muscular endurance (although most of the time he can win anyway because of superior technique and experience).

So I would say that we should try to improve both. However, endurance comes in handy when we want to run away. ;)

I would say strength is more important in running away, if your legs aren't strong you probably aren't fast, and if you are seriously afraid of the person chasing you I think you will be able to keep up the pace long enough for them to give up. but if you don't have the speed no amount of endurance will matter.. you only have to convince them they can't catch you, or that it isn't worth chasing you.
I would say a good balance of both. One or the other by itself wont really do a whole lot of good. For instance, you may be able to run circles around an opponent, but 1 good shot could end it for you. If you are strong and your opponent is running circles around you hitting you, you will get worn down quickly.
Then again strength and endurance can have a multitude of meanings to different people.
If Endurance can be likened to Stamina and the ability to prolong a "fight" then it is probably more important for competition based situations , i suppose.
But if Strength is likened to Conditionng and the ability to withstand and recover from the inevitable blows that are sustained in a"fight", then i suppose that it is more important for assault situations.
Myself I think that if I had to choose between some sort of aerobic based endurance or some body Condititioning, I would go for the latter.