Stop Saddam's Execution??


Mar 1, 2003
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Good points. To me, one thing a moron would do would be to intentionally perpetuate violence in his own country. Yet, we frequently vote in morons as well who probably don't see themselves as such. Some things are universal, I guess.

I think the tricky part of the equation, is that many or most of the people living in that geographic area do not self-identify as citizens of Iraq before they self-identify as a member of the Shi'ite or Sunni branches of Islam. If this supposition has any semblence of reality inside it, those actions we might interpret as 'moronic' might be seen internally as 'patriotic'.

In that case, perhaps, it is our 'point of view' that needs re-alignment. We need to see these people (morons?) as members of their religious sect before we see them as members of the State of Iraq. We can then base our attitudes and actions on a point of view closer to the reality on the ground. At least then, we might have a better shot at reaching our own goals.

But, if we continue to force our point of view on them - that they must see themselves as "Iraqi's First" - we are going to a) have a complete misunderstanding of what goes on around us and b) receive a great deal of push back and resistance to that point of view.