Stay consistent!


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Jan 8, 2023
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So my training lately has been crazy because of my schedule. Some days I get an hour in some days it's 10 minutes is all I can get. Alot of people think if they don't train for at least 30min or an hour that it's not worth it, but I'm here to say just get some training in everyday. I wanted to work out for an hour today but didn't get the opportunity but I did manage to get the time to do a 5 min blitz of footwork and I got to say it got my heart pumping, did I burn a ton of calories? No but I'm continuing to train every day and not letting time limit me. So I just want to say if you're having a messed up day schedule wise find 10 minutes or if you cant get that find 5 minutes just stay consistent and keep the habit of training going. And if you cant find 5 minutes find a way to get some training in what you're doing, can't train because you're working late? Next time you go for a bathroom break do 20 squats before you leave the bathroom, lunch break do 20 push ups. The opportunities are there and regardless of the amount of time little bits add up. Good luck with your training and let's keep moving and improving regardless of circumstances!