Special Taiji training methods ??



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Aug 1, 2008
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Thanks Chi-ca, That is exactly the type of response I was looking for. Perhaps others will follow your example.

In the broad stroke picture I was trying to capture and catagorize the various methods that people perform.

I think that there is a general progression in development from learning the structure to feeling the energy in you to to feeling the energy in others to applying the energy and then refining based on feedback. Each stage has a set of training methods, and I'm sure they are not all the same for everyone.

Even though the catagories are pretty much the same (zhan zhuang, tuishou, etc) the specifics and approaches can be quite different and interesting. I'm sure that if people shared even commonly practiced routines (such as four corners pushing hands) you will find that they are done very differently depending on their intention. By sharing those methods/intentions we as a community will increase our knowledge of taiji

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