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I need some ideas for sparring training on your own with no bags etc. I know it's best to have a partner but where I train people just turn up to club twice a week, and 9 times out of 10 there's no sparring. That may change soon but meanwhile what are some drills I can do at home because I WANT to train. Its frustrating living in small town NZ, I'm telling you. Our sparring is touch contact.


i posted this sparring my friends and i do under western boxing , you should check it out, But if you are looking for some self training sparring tips, I like to pratice punching shadow boxing, kicking, do this time your self will help you alot, GET a boxing bag of some kind then do this drill takes about 20 mins make sure have some kind of watch near by,
First stretch
then Attack the bag with everything you got go threw moves etc, 2 mins after you start the attack slip fall and get back up fast as you can, Then attack the bag fast as you can for another 2 mins drop to the ground do 30 sit ups get up and attack the bag for 2 more mins drop to the ground for 20 push ups get up and attack the bag 2 more mins, Now fall to the ground do 30 push ups and 40 sit ups , get up and only work on upper striking elbows hands etc for 3 mins hard as you can, drop to the ground do 30 push ups and 40 sit ups get up and work on kicks nees etc, for 3 mins, go down for 50 push ups and 60 sit ups , *Repeat until you feel worked out) please note attack as much as you can keep your guard up good training to remember, Your friend Judo-kid

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Shadow Boxing complimented with serious visualization practice is always a good idea if you can't find any training partners

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