Site Update - July 3 2011

There are 3 'themes' to choose from. There is the default vB one, the MT one and the mobile.
I don't suggest using the mobile on anything other than a mobile device.
You can switch at will through the menu bottom left of the screen, or through an option somewhere in the Settings ling (formerly usercp) top right of page.

The editor's functional issues appear to be caused by issues with IE9's internals. I'm still digging to see what I can do. Switching to the basic editor will return you to a very simplified version of the old editor, minus the WYSIWYG functions. I don't have access to IE9 so can't duplicate or directly troubleshoot, so I ask for patience and lots of screen shots when possible.

For anyone looking for more info on the new editor, it is a 3rd party program called CKEditor.

I like the vB4 Default Style, thanks. The New VB was driving my eyes crazy

Any idea what is causing the popup and why MT mow seems to hate Office 2007 and IE9... I mean other than the obvious :D
The pop up is a 'safety feature' put in because people were complaining when they switched pages they lost their work. So an "are you sure" check was added in.

As to IE9...Microsoft likes to do things their way, ignoring accepted industry standards all other browsers follow. As a result, some things break, and MS continues to lose market share, now approaching half the market (used to be 95%). Right now, the answers seem to be use the old simple editor, try a different browser, or be patient while the geeks who did the editor work to work around MS's issues. Best I can offer for the moment I'm afraid.

Keep me posted on issues though and I'll check to see if there are any fixes.

Switching the full editor to Source mode (the A/A button) and back MAY resolve some issues.
Win 7 x64 on IE 8. so far so good. I'll keep you posted. And thanks for the work I remember the long hours coding and fixing a forum update.
New enabled features:

Enhanced New Posts.
You can now (in most cases) see a count of how many new topics and posts there are.
You can also narrow down to just check for new posts in a particular top-level area, such as JMA or KMA.

Enhanced Main Page.
There is now a side bar on the main forum page that has several useful sections:
a unified search box - searches MT, KenpoTalk and FMATalk in 1 shot.
Preview boxes for the latest posts, new topics and new blogs.
A "Tag Cloud" for quick searching on various topics.

New Notifications.
There is a notifications box at the top-right of all pages, showing you when you have new notices, including unread private messages, profile notes AND new reps.

More Reports
At the bottom of the main page, you will find a lot more information, including when your paid membership is up.

New Editor
We have a new editor, CKEditor. It's causing some headaches for a few. A few work arounds have been posted earlier in this thread. I apologize for the issues and am researching possible fixes.

Revised Look
vBulletin 4 breaks with the look and feel of previous versions. As a result, earlier themes are not compatible. I am working on tweaking this one to be close to our old look somewhat updated. For those who don't care for it, there are 2 other themes you can use. You may switch them through the Settings option (top right) or the theme selector (bottom left) on each page.

New Mobile Theme
We have added a stripped down mobile theme. It does NOT have all the features and functions of the desktop themes, and strongly suggest not using it on a desktop system. To revert to the full site, you MUST log out then log back in.

Mobile Device Support
We have added support for the Tapatalk app. Please see the previous notice in Admin Announcements for full details.

Missing features, bug issues, compliments and complaints welcome. Please keep reports coming, I will fix as much as I can, as fast as I can.

Thank you.
testing attachment uploader

testing image linker
Additional things to try if you are encountering problems.

- Clear your browsers cache. Conflicts between old files and new can cause issues. Also, try reloading the page a few times (2-3) as this will also update chched files. F5 works in most browsers.

- Log out, then log in again. Fixes some issues.

- When logging in, make sure that you check "remember me". It sets some cookies on your system keeping you logged in unless you specifically log out.

- Make sure that any ad blockers, pop up blockers etc have whitelisted.

- If you run NoScript in Firefox, whitelist You may see 1-2 links to Google resources. Whitelisting them may resolve some issues as we have several features integrated with Google services.

Update for Supporting Members
You should see much less advertising on the site as I've set most ads to not display for you. You will still see sponsor banners on the main page and the premium spot at page top.
Facebook connection.
Due to issues with it in the past, I'm not planning on doing that here at the moment.
Check again Bill, please? I had a checkbox unchecked on the back end. Should be visible now. I'm not going to do much to the default other than tack on a logo to keep it as 'pure' as possible for troubleshooting things.

Yeah, good now. And the default is MUCH better. I thought Walt Disney threw up on MT.
I dunno, I kinda liked it. On my screen. Did see it on someone elses that was....not acceptable.

I redid the colors, went more subdued, tied them into the revised masthead. The default I'm not gonna touch anymore. Did the branding but that's it. Likewise with the mobile theme. I'm not planning on redoing custom themes for the major sections though as it's too much of a PITA to keep them up to date, and I'm expecting some rapid updates over the next few months. This update....was a PITA. Not as bad as I expected but my *** has gone numb been in front of the screen so long, lol.


ok, break time, leg stretch time, got some non-MT work to catch up on tonight, will be popping in here n there to check on things though, so keep letting me know what else needs twidling or if I missed anything.
Am I the only one having cookie issues? I have to log in every time I hit the page. Tried it with multiple browsers (firefox 5, chrome and IE9) on a windows 7 laptop.
clear cache.
Make sure you have whitelisted MT in any adblockers, anti popuppers, antivirus, etc.
make sure you check remember me when logging in.
make sure you start at and/or

If still having issues, let me know.
I don't see any Win 7 issues in the trouble database at vB.

Also, saw your note about an eaten post. The new editor is supposed to have a recover mode for that.
See video walk through in Support Forum for more info.
Am I the only one having cookie issues? I have to log in every time I hit the page. Tried it with multiple browsers (firefox 5, chrome and IE9) on a windows 7 laptop.

It's not a problem I'm having - I had to log in once on each of the computers I use, but that was it.
Have confirmed that switching to "source mode" then back to "WYSIWYG mode" will reset the editor and get the cursor back when it vanishes, at least in Firefox.
Concerning speed improvements, it's good to hear. Now that the reindexing is over, and I've put in some backend optimizations that was what I was hoping for. MT is gonna need a new server in the future, but we may get another year or 2 outta this one I hope. :)
Can I not give anonymous reputation anymore? I tried to rep a post and it said something like "you must enter a reason to give positive reputation."

It's not a big deal, but I do tend to give out a lot of positive rep anonymously and now I'll have to put in a period or something.

Made a quick tweak to rep system. I'll have to dig up my notes and verify the settings are correct across the board. 4 plugins to sync up.
I'll be having the datacenter do some minor tweaking this weekend. Might be a couple hiccups while they fine tune things. No worries though.

I've been hammering at various bits the last few days, and hopefully some things are smoothing out.

Couple bits that may help.
Make sure you're running a newer browser.
Support for IE 6 and earlier is pretty much gone.
Your best best if you are an IE user are to make sure you're on 8 or 9.

Firefox users, keep in mind that browser is going through rapid version progression, If you're on an earlier version than the 5 series, you may want to consider upgrading. I had few problems on 3.6 myself, but just upgraded to 5 and see some improvements.