Sid Vicious Leg Break


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Sep 1, 2001
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OW! When my brother came by for the holidays, he mentioned something about this horrific break. Not satisfied with his explanation, he proceeded to search for video clips of the incident online.

Fortunately (or unfortunatly, for the squeamish), he found it.

That was one of the most harrowing injuries I've ever seen. Not only did it completely fracture, it got bent back on itself.

Even though I don't like wrestling, I feel so sorry for the man. He pretty much has to learn how to walk all over again. Even then, he'll probably never be 100%.

Cthulhu (shudder)

Bam! 800
Ow. Missed that one. When did it happen, and ya got a link to the footage?

Okay, I found a site with the clip. It's about a 3MB mpeg, should be fourth one down the page. I just watched it again to make sure it was the right one. I need a drink. It's THAT bad.

Bad break

After you watch that, and provided you're done upchucking, watch the video with the martial arts bear to cheer you up.

Warning: this video clip is disturbing
Doesn't watching that leg snap just twinge something in the lizard part of your brain? I shudder every time I think about it. Horrible. Horrible.

I'm no medical expert, but I bet if he didn't have those high-topped boots on, that leg would've come off.

I was just about to go to lunch. Not now.

Does anyone else have anything similar.
You just lost your appetite, and you want to see MORE of this stuff?

I'm a Card Carrying Misanthrope (TM) and as a general rule hate wrestling, and even I felt sorry for the guy. The last time I watched that video, I noticed you can actually see the guy mouthing 'Oh My God' after seeing his busted limb. Since he wasn't screaming bloody murder, he was probably in deep shock. Furthermore, if the leg heals properly, he has to learn how to walk all over again.

I couldn't find much info on the aftermath, but I believe he's gone thru some serious rehab.

Thats the type of injury I have fears of.
Since brianbarton asked, the site I saw this clip on contains a lot of other similar nasty bumps, wrestling and non-wrestling. It's at and should be under something like "Brutal Bumps", but you might have to link to "Wrestling" or something first. I forget. There are some limb breaking clips there, but that's not all that's on the site. Some of them are just nasty looking bumps, no broken parts. I think there's another section called something like "Funny Bumps" which has some less nasty bumps as I recall. Anyway, this may have the kind of clips you're looking for so feel free to check out the site.
I for one am glad that everyone and their brother has a video camera now.

It allways me to laugh much more at the stupid things people do when i see them on the reality tv shows where they send these things in.
Yeah, I like to watch the "Reality TV" as well; especially the ones where they belittle the idiots involved and don't limit themselves to clips where no one was "hurt". My girlfriend hates them though, so I have to watch it like porno: alone in the dark.

It's attitudes like that that make Porno a dirty thing. Bring it out into the open baby!

Boobie bar anyone?
I just watched the leg break sequence and I don't think I ever want to jump again. That was horrific.
Aren't you glad I shared it with everybody? <Shudder>

To date, I have yet to break a bone. My bones have always been fairly strong (but I have the joints of a 90-year-old man). After seeing that break, I never want to find out what it feels like to break a bone...note even a hairline fracture.

I truly hope that man walks again. Horrible.

I know the pain of breaks and other injuries and they aren't fun to have. I have a recurring problem with my shoulder, where it pops out of the socket at the least appropriate times. I also did a jump spinning hook kick into the splits for a special demonstration and ripped my hamstring horribly. The surface was indoor outdoor carpet and my heel stuff as I was landing, the rotation popped my leg out of the hip socket, as it ripped the hamstring. The doctor said surgery would not help the hamstring so I still have a ball of junk in my thigh. Very painful. I have also broken my shoulders, collarbones, several ribs, hand bones, and cracked a vertabrae in my neck.

I feel sorry for Sid Vicious, an injusry like that will never heal completely.
Jumpin' Jehosaphat, Rob! If people didn't know what you did, they'd think you were a crash test dummy!


Most of my injuries are from a car accident, and the rest from gymnastics.
A search for the keyword kickboxer on KaZaA will return a video of a kickboxer breaking his shin while kicking his opponent. Also stomach-turning.
Heh. I've had a theory that a trained gymnast would make a good martial artist. I've also always thought that your average gymnast's build was perfect for the martial artist. There is bulk there, but as can be seen during a performance, it doesn't hinder movement, as with your larger body builders. Flexibility is a given, as is a very good balance of development in all the major muscle groups.


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