Shin Shin Sekiguchi Ryu Batto Jutsu


carl mcclafferty


I teach Shin Shin Sekiguchi Ryu Batto Jutsu and Nakamura Ryu Batto Do at Hayashi's Family Dojo in El Paso. They also have a Kendo program with Nakayama Sensei and are a well established Judo Dojo. If you're in the area come visit, even if its just for a visit or an evening workout. My e-mail is [email protected].

There are several other authorized SGR dojo in Texas, Arizona, Washington State and New Mexico.

Nakamura Ryu is available in San Jose, Calif (Guy Power Sensei), San Diego, Calif (Peer Halprin). and the Washington DC area (Dave Drawdy). There might be others, but these are the only ones I know personally.

Carl McClafferty
No, we do not teach the Jujutsu. I have my Shihan Menkyo in the Batto Jutsu and run an authorized Renmei, but am not ranked in the Jujutsu. Shows where my priorities have been over the years. I plan on visiting Yosio Sekiguchi Sensei this year and trying to arrange a visit to the States for a series of jujutsu seminars. Will post it here.

Carl McClafferty
Thanks Carl. I've always been interested in learning more about the Ju Jutsu. I do Systema now as my only art, but the Judo guy in me from years ago still provides me with an intellectual interest in all the arts that contributed to Judo.

I have one video tape of some Sekiguchi Ryu Ju Jutsu, but its mostly work from Seiza. I've always wanted to see more.

Good luck with the Batto Jutsu. I sure can undestand falling in love with that. years ago I use to do an obscure art called Tenshin Shintai Ryu, and the Iai Jutsu was my favorite part. There's something really unique about a martial practice which is essentially solo practice yet still replete with danger. Very powerful on the mind. I babble though.


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