Sheriffs foreclose on Bank of America.

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Aug 4, 2001
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Land of the Free
It was a foreclosure defendantÂ’s revenge fantasy.

Two burly Collier County sheriffÂ’s deputies and a homeownerÂ’s attorney strode into the Bank of America branch on Davis Boulevard in Naples with a court order and an ultimatum for Manager Erich Fahrner.

FahrnerÂ’s choice: Write out a check for $2,534 in attorneyÂ’s fees for the couple wrongfully slapped with a foreclosure lawsuit by the bank, or a William C. Hoff Storage moving crew waiting outside would start hauling out furniture to be sold at public auction.


Collier court documents show that they bought a house in Golden Gate from the bank for $165,000 in 2009. They paid cash, no mortgage.

But somehow the bank and its attorney, the David J. Stern law firm, became convinced that the couple had a mortgage and was behind in the payments, Allen said. Bank of America filed for foreclosure Feb. 16, 2010.

The bank voluntarily dropped the case two months later, but never paid the couple for AllenÂ’s fee despite an order by Circuit Judge Cynthia Pivacek.

Another bit of sloppy foreclosure work by BOA. This isn't the first either.

Also not the first time they got spanked.

Bank of America. 2nd Worst Company in America.


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Dec 8, 2007
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In Pain

Everytime I see a commercial of theirs that makes them sound good (not the one where they take your money out of your checking to put into your savings to help you save) I remember stuff like this and all is well again!

How about some racketeering charges for that club?!

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