Seminars in the New England Area


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Feb 27, 2002
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Plymouth, MA
Richard "Huk" Planas will be at the Revere Karate Academy on:

March 22, 2002
Topic: Long Form 6

April 13, 2002
Topic: Problem Techniques, Gun Techniques & Long form 4

At Rick McCarthy's Kenpo in Hanover, MA

March 24, 2002
Topic: Lock Flow

Do you have one in the New England area in the near future?
If so I'd like to get to it, if my work load will permit, just to meet you and say hello in person.
I think there is a lockout from that area! LOL I want to go back there though and meet several owners myself. So if you know of any.... let them know I would love to visit that area.

And we know it will be a while before he comes up to Canada again.:rofl:
I have no problem with Canada... they are wonderful ..... except for a couple :mad: of bad apples (and that will be taken care of)...... that's all!! Most are honest down to earth people that just want to learn.:)

So do Denverites, we're down to earth and honest. Heck we haven't even had a shooting in the last 12 min. :) Just kidding we're not nearly as bad in that department as say Toronto.