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Apr 24, 2002
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I'm working on a new website about karate and martial arts in general, and kenpo in particular. It will be posted sometime in the next week or so.

I would like to invite any school that is more than 20 miles away from the school I train at to join me in a link-exchange. I will put your link into my list of links, and your school into my list of schools under your respective style, if you are willing to link my site on your links page, and the school I train at on your school list, if you have one.

I say "20 miles" away so that way we're sharing information without competing with each other.
its going to be:

Nightingale's Kenpo Page

The main site with all my general personal stuff will be

but all the karate stuff will be at the first address. The second one is more of a fun site, with renaissance faire stuff, book stuff, cat stuff, and general "me" stuff, with a link to my kenpo page.

I can send you a graphic for the kenpo page to link if you like. Its black and red and says "Nightingale's Kenpo Page" in cool gothic script.

My instructor's site isn't up yet (he hasn't bought his domain yet) so I'll host his at my site temporarily. His address will be
and that site should have something up by the end of october.

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