Rochester NY Police Department awards first ever top cop award

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Rochester Police Department awards first ever top cop award

May 21, 2009

Amy Pfeffer, 27, of Chili, a three-year department veteran, was named the first-ever winner of the Rochester Police Departments top cop award last week at the departments annual awards banquet at the Hyatt downtown.

The award is to be given annually to one officer whose performance is above and beyond all other officers, said Rochester Police Chief David Moore. Officer LaRon Singletary said Pfeffer, a patrol officer based in the area of Conkey Avenue and St. Paul Street in northeast Rochester, was the first to receive the honor last week.


Singletary said Pfeffer logged 254 arrests in 2008 more than any other officer in the department by more than 50. The charges she filed ranged from felonies to drug arrests, and traffic tickets, he said.


Pfeffer, who is a military veteran, was also a partner of Anthony DiPonzio and was with him on Jan. 31, when he was shot in the head on Dayton Street. Pfeffer was among the officers who rushed DiPonzio to Rochester General Hospital. Pfeffer held his arms and legs. Those officers including Pfeffer received the lifesaving award last week.

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