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Deaf Smith

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Apr 25, 2008
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I understand some here feel it's just to risky to resist and not resisting is the best solution, but for the rest of us, look at these videos and then, depending on what you carry for weapons (if any) decide how and when would you handle the situations.

My favorite one is still the McDonalds in Sugarland Texas.

For me it was when the guy with the baseball bat started asking for the wallets. The other two were either gone with the manager or blocked by the wall so neither could intervine. Once he asked for my wallet, I would have simple reached for where the wallet SHOULD be (but of course, it's were I carry my Glock 27.) If the club welding hood failed to drop the club on demand and lie down, I would have no choice but to fire cuase the other two were still loose. After that, shout 'Down' to the other patrons and get behind the wall by the seats. I'd then play it by ear as the situation would become fluid real fast!

This is an excellent source of store surveillance videos:

and if you google "robbery surveillance videos" you get quite a few more.

As Otto Von Bismarck said, "Fools say that they learn by experience. I prefer to profit by others experience."

And these videos help one learn from others experiences.


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